Hegasaer’s mission May 2012

Hegasaer’s portrait










Hegasaer, yarn-wife with a mission, and her companions, is restoring to Orkney material which has been bought, begged, and borrowed there. Changed and transformed (involving a team of tricoteuses and a sieve or two), it is being returned during the active life of this blog.

Follow the blog to find out where it is – each ‘deposit’ will be recorded within 24 hours.

Some of the material is impermanent, so if you wish to find it ‘fresh’ in the stunning Orcadian landscape, follow the coordinates before too long.

Your comments are vital to the project so please add them.

Good luck with your search. Take care. While Hegasaer does not plan to create serious physical challenges, always remember to take care in the countryside. Also, be aware this is not designed as a game for children.


9 thoughts on “Hegasaer’s mission May 2012

  1. Hello Hegasaer, we found two of your installations purely by chance while on holiday in Orkney. First was The Brough of Birsay. I was intrigued, believing it to be the handiwork of a local Wiccan group for an unknown purpose. I was even more surprised to find another on Wideford Hill. I then guessed there must be more, and googled the name. Until now. I thought I had stumbled across the magical workings of a seidr/shamanic group, but I guess that says more about me than anything else! Many Blessings, Martin

  2. Hi Hegasaer, we also found two of your wee people purly by accident and were intrigued. I love them and now have a photographic record of both, the same locations as above. I had wondered if the bags were ashes of a person now departed, this has given me the idea of my friends locating my ashes some time in the future in a similar way. We have another week on the Orkneys and will be looking to see if there are more little people. Thank you for your imagination and the work it must have taken to create. You have stirred my imagination and added greatly to our holiday. Thank you and blessings. Ruth

    • Thanks Ruth.

      Glad to know that you have found some of the yarnwives and their treasures – and that you could follow the clue to the blog as well. I hope you find more of the six yarnwives – the coordinates for most locations are in the blog, and they are scattered quite widely.

      There are two sand bags in the installations, and both contain sand and shell fragments collected some time ago from the shore in South Ronaldsay.

      I love your idea for depositing ashes – hope you don’t mind if I pick up on that idea myself.

      I have had great contributions from family and friends to make this project happen. Six knitters were involved apart from myself, and the variety of the knitted pieces has delighted me as everyone had their own ideas as to what to do. That is, apart from the sheep on North Ronaldsay (I hope you can get there during the week you have left). I just felt that sheep cried out to be made of wool from North Ronaldsay wool and installed there too, given the uniqueness of the sheep on that island which spend most of their lives on the sea shore. So my daughters and I set to and knitted them while on holiday together earlier this year.

      You can see from the blog that there is one installation which involves clay as well as Orkney yarn. I wonder if anyone has come across that one yet, with its yarnwife standing guard?

      Enjoy the rest of your holiday on Orkney – it’s a wonderful place.

  3. We have found three on the banks in North Ron, beautiful, esp the ram with his ruff and tiny horns, and also the lambs, clever girls and a lovely surprise. Yarnwife has pigtails!

    • Thanks for your message, Njalsdottir. Fantastic to hear that North Ronaldsay sheep are still there, and the North Ron yarnwife too. She was looking after the sheep in the pund near the links and I wondered if she might have wandered away like the Birsay yarnwife.
      Did you find the herd on the shore nearby as well? It would be great if you could post a photo on the blog.
      Looking forward to looking at your blog too.

  4. Still can’t find one installation, still looking, or at least our visitor from
    Paris is looking. They found the flock at the banks, and the yarn wife with the moorit ram and flock, all beautiful!

    • I’m not sure where the banks are, but in case it helps:

      – the one with the yarnwife is in the pund on the east side (Bay of Linklet) near the iris beds (as you know) – and the flock on the beach was just north of that pund, where someone has put slabs of stone together at the top of the strand (I wonder if that is the banks?) – one flock was in the pund on the west side of the isle, north of the airfield and towards the north end of the Bay of Ryasgeo

      Good luck with the hunt, of should I say “bon chance”

  5. Helene and Tommy will have another hunt today. My e mail address is as below, muir886@btinternet.com , I have no blog, but I can send you the set of pics of the flock, and also of yarnwife guarding her own flock, I am amazed they have withstood this awful summer, the pics are on my facebook page as well. At last the fog has gone, and we are going to visit Helene later pour le dejeuner so hope to have a hunt at Ryasgeo, they were lookng around the pund at Twinyes, but no luck! A bientot, njalsdottir.

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