8 August 2012 Birsay yarnwife enjoying herself

I thought I would have to report that Birsay yarnwife had left the Ring of Brodgar for an unknown destination… again.


I should have known better.  She has been at the dig at the Ness of Brodgar and is going to the Dounby show tomorrow. Let’s hope the sun shines.


5 thoughts on “8 August 2012 Birsay yarnwife enjoying herself

  1. Hello from North Ron! We found all three installations safe and sound today in spite of fog and rain and wind and sun. The third near Bridesness Pund had been moved up to a safer place, as there has been a lot of seaweed deposited along the shore, so someone has helped the flock. The seals were very intrigued!

  2. That’s great news. That little flock will appreciate not being covered in kelp.
    They were all installed in pretty strong weather back in May, so it’s good to know they are coping with it all.

  3. Have had a look at Njalsddottir’s blog and am really pleased to see the two wifies getting on so well together. I’m sure they don’t eat mutton pies! Maybe a little bit of fish now and then?
    Fantastic news that all the flocks are sheepshape and doing fine.
    It’s particularly good to know that someone is keeping an eye on the shore sheep – they can get a bit scatty.
    Thanks for the offer to use the photos. I will see if I can get my head round the technical challenge of transferring an image to put on this blog of the two of them.

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