5 August 2012 Bulletin on Orkney installations

Just back from a visit to Orkney. Didn’t get a chance to check all the sites to see whether yarnwives or installations had wandered. But I have got quite a lot of information for all that!

Although Birsay yarnwife had permission to stay at the Ring of Brodgar (many thanks to the ranger team for their kind welcome), she is no longer there. And Brodgar yarnwife and her egg pouches have also totally disappeared from their field gate. I wonder where they have wandered to now…? and when and where they will be sighted again?

I know indirectly that the Birsay installation is still there despite the fact that Birsay yarnwife left it – there have been some great comments on Facebook about the rock wrapping there.

I visited Hoxa yarnwife and her installation on Friday 3 August, and was pleased to see that she was still guarding her installation (although one of her two wrapped rocks has moved and has broken in half; and the second one has gone altogether). I tidied her up and retied her sandbag.

The day before (Thursday 2 August) I visited Wideford yarnwife who has most of her installation intact – just one outlying wrapping (on a fallen fence post) missing there.

I didn’t get the chance to visit the island installations, so it is great to get a blog comment today (please have a look at the page on Hegasaer’s mission) about North Ronaldsay yarnwife and her flocks. Thanks very much, Njalsdottir – it’s great to know that two months on, at least part of the installation is still there.

So there is only one element of RePlace Orkney which I can’t report on. I am hoping someone can let me know how Hoy yarnwife and her washing are doing, up the slope in the glen.

I’ll post some images in the next day or two, both of absences and presences. If anyone else has any images it would be great to post them on the blog.



2 thoughts on “5 August 2012 Bulletin on Orkney installations

  1. Yarnwife in the Bridesness Pund, and her neighbour-wife had a final visit in fog from their friend from Paris, now they are left to their own devices, unless some kind person knits a shawl for yarnwife, it is sheltered from the wind down there, but the clipping is over., and it is getting dark earlier . Only a few tourists or birdwatchers will see them, but they look contented and self-contained.

  2. Glad the wifies are settled. Bet they enjoyed the clipping.
    Autumn comes on, but I guess they are pretty tough cookies and they will have plenty to clack about while they are together.

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