2 July 2012 Yarnwife roaming

Great news. Birsay yarnwife has been spotted at the Ring of Brodgar. What a great place for her to visit. Thanks to both her travel companion and her finder.

I guess she has left her wool trove behind.  Maybe she will meet  up with Brodgar yarnwife. Who knows?

This is her near the Viking settlement on the Brough of Birsay on 18 May.


9 thoughts on “2 July 2012 Yarnwife roaming

  1. Lovely yarnwife this one, love her colours. The N ron sheep are fantastic, what fun. Lots of comments about them all. Thanks for all rhe fun!

    • PS You won’t be surprised to know that North Ronaldsay yarnwife is knitted from North Ronaldsay wool, which I think was also dyed in Orkney. And her sheep are all North Ron wool too.

  2. Hello again, I have strted a blog so that you can see some pics, but not sure if you can find it under Njalsdottir. I made it private but could change jt. Tommy wonders if they have actually found all? Is there one yarnwife or two? He found the one at Bridesness and the flock without the shepherdess, but not a third. Fun!

    • Hi

      That’s brilliant. I will have a look for your blog and your Facebook page too, though I must admit to not having much competence with Facebook.

      There is just the one yarnwife on North Ron – the other Orkney installations have one each, though as you will see from the blog, they get itchy feet (which I expected would be the case when I put them in place).

      The North Ron installations were something special for me (different from the mainland ones) – I felt I must install flocks of sheep. I have very strong memories of the flow of the sheep as they skitter over the kelp and the stones, from when we stayed at the Obs for a fortnight a few years ago. The sheep were made by a number of knitters (hence the variations in shapes and sizes) and they are all part of putting back into Orkney things that originated there, such as North Ron wool. I’m glad they are standing up to the weather so far.

      All the best with looking for the third flock.

  3. Think people might be a bit annoyed if anyone meddled with them, they are all very intrigued! So I don’t think they will go far. Helene is so pleased to have found instaltion 3″ we love the stripey lamb. She ill have happy memories to take to Stromness where she is going next.

    • Hello Njalsdottir

      Good to know the third flock has been re-sighted. Many thanks for the news.

      Congratulations to Helene for your perseverance – enjoy your visit to Stromness. Maybe you will have time to search out some of the installations on mainland Orkney!

  4. How mysterious! Who is she in company with I wonder?
    I have been away for a while and there are some more messages to read, so maybe I will find out soon. If not, I hope the mystery will be solved.

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