12 June 2012 … and in no particular order, starting with Brodgar

It’s great to learn that some of Hegasaer’s installations have been found.  I am full of admiration for the people who have followed up clues, either from the tags left at each site, or via geo-caching (What? You don’t know about geo-caching yet? have a look at http://www.geocaching.com, but be warned – it can be an addictive pastime). I wonder if we are all detectives at heart.

Thanks for comments made so far – it is really interesting to know about individuals’ responses to what they find.

The Brodgar installation has not attracted any comments yet. It’s unique among the RePlace installations because it includes clay eggs, mostly low-fired plus one unfired one which will dissolve as the weather impacts on it – so it’s even more impermanent than the others.  Also it uses some very locally sourced material.  I made the clay from spoil soil (if you get my drift) and wanted to RePlace it very close to its origin.

The Brodgar yarnwife was given a shawl to keep her warm as she keeps watch on the egg pouches. But I wonder what the weather is like in Orkney now.  Maybe she doesn’t need it any longer.