RePlace 6 Hoxa and Balfour WW2 Batteries 20 May 2012

The Hoxa and Balfour Batteries are very evocative of World War Two as they overlooked (and defended) Scapa Flow, crucial harbourage for the Home Fleet. As with Lyness on Hoy, it is easy to imagine service personnel working round these sites on what must have been a difficult posting. A good place to bring this RePlace project to its end, with the most recent archaeology in Orkney.

A small, but very satisfying, deposit, supervised by Hoxa yarn-wife. Not easy to undertake because this is a popular place on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the tourist season (it took two attempts to complete).

I shall be sailing past this spot tomorrow morning as I depart on the ferry to Gill’s Bay. I shall  lookout for the unmistakable outline of the concret blocks scattered in anything but haphazard fashion across the headland.


N 58 degrees 49.276′

W 003 degrees 02.078′

Thank you to all who have helped with the project. The blog will continue once I have returned home, so please come back.


2 thoughts on “RePlace 6 Hoxa and Balfour WW2 Batteries 20 May 2012

  1. This was the toughest one to install. It was a warm Sunday afternoon, so there were people around, and it was a bit of a challenge to find a suitable place to anchor the pieces (plenty of concrete, but all large dimensions).

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