Coordinates RePlace 2(b) North Ronaldsay

Getting there with the GPSr!

Coordinates for the second North Ronaldsay deposit (the second sheep enclosure):

N 59 degrees 21.328′

W 002 degrees 24.136′



4 thoughts on “Coordinates RePlace 2(b) North Ronaldsay

  1. I wonder if she’s still there with her flock. Your pace seems to be hotting up. Are you running out of time?

  2. Pace is as planned. Reconnoitring Week 1, installation Week 2.
    Time will tell what remains, where, and how it fares. But I may not get to find out what happens to the work. It’s in the hands of the weather, wildlife, people and chance.

  3. There are three here in North Ron, all safe and sound, and I have pics of two, but not sure how to send them to you. They seem in good condition in spite of days of fog.

    • Hi

      Many thanks. That’s great news. And so glad you like the work. It was good fun to make and quite a challenge to install (strong winds and sleet on the day I came to North Ron – and not many places where they could be safely attached).

      Any chance of attaching your photos to an email? Then I can put them in a blog post.

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