RePlace 3 Brough of Birsay

The Brough of Birsay is a tidal island in the far northwest of Orkney Mainland, and given our land-centric view of society it is a surprising place to find so much evidence of human habitation – perhaps even the remains of a sauna.  It is the site of Pictish and Norse settlements, preferring the seaways to get about, rather than the toil of moving around on land.

The first image shows the remains of the Norse church on the Brough.

The site for this deposit is a cleft at the far side of the island from the settlements, where the replaced material is so unobtrusive it is difficult to pick it out in the image.


N 59 degrees 08.265′

W 003 degrees 20.013′

The Birsay yarn-wife is bright enough (picture of her before setting off for the north west) but even she merges with the stone and lichen in the cleft.


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