12 May 2012 Still looking for a location

Yesterday didn’t turn up a good location for a deposit, so further searching today.


Beautiful weather for climbing hills and looking at the view over ancient settlements.










And Cuween Hill, with its chambered cairn overlooking the Bay of Firth was stunning, but not quite what the mission requires…


2 thoughts on “12 May 2012 Still looking for a location

  1. That would suggest that you have a set of ‘criteria’ for the deposits – are you going to make that known? Do you objectively know or is it just on gut instinct? I’m intrigued by the decision making – or ‘directing’ process you are using

    • I have in mind to deposit re-worked Orkney-sourced material (a) in the Orkney landscape and (b) in relation to previous human activity there. So places where earlier peoples have made their homes, or been active, are very attractive. There are plenty of choices in archaeologically-rich Orkney of course.
      Also I am aware that some sites are sensitive – formally-managed historic sites, for instance, and fragile structures – and would not be sensible.
      On a practical basis, the items need to be secured in some way – lashed with i-cord, or fixed with nylon ties. This is not always feasible in otherwise desirable sites.
      That all sounds quite methodical, but intuition is playing a very powerful role in all this. I have found a site which is stunning, provides a good support for the work, and where the location is perfectly placed archaeologically. So I will be going back there to make a deposit.
      Emotion is quite close to the surface throughout this project. Leaving a woolly flock on the shoreline on 16 May was quite tough.

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